Print the Unsubmitted Online Provider Claims Report

This report lists unsubmitted claims for those providers who claim online with KidKare. It lists those providers who have recorded meals for the claim month, but who have not used the Send to Sponsor feature in KidKare to submit their claims to you for processing. Run this report after the bulk of your claims have been processed, and use it to contact these providers and encourage them to submit their claims.

To print it:

  1. Click the Reports menu, select Claim Management, and click Unsubmitted Online Provider Claims. The Provider Filter window opens.
  2. Check the box next to each filter to use and select your filter criteria. For example, to filter by state, you would check the State box and select the state for which to run the report.
  3. Click Continue. The Select Filter by Claim Month dialog box opens.
  4. Click the Starting Month and Ending Month drop-down menus and select the claim month(s) for which to run the report. To run the report for one month only, select the same month in both fields.
  5. Click Continue. The Provider Nested Sort Order dialog box opens.
  6. Click the First Sort By drop-down menu and select the primary sort for the report. Name is selected by default.
  7. Click the And Then By drop-down menu and select a secondary sort for the report, if needed. 
  8. Click Continue. The report is generated and displays in the Report Viewer.
  9. Export or print the report, as needed:
    • Click  to export the report.
    • Click  to print it. If you need to change your printer to a PDF writer, click  to update your default printer.