Claim Forms

The following Claim Forms are available. This list is not comprehensive. To access these reports, click the Reports menu, select Claim Forms, and then select the appropriate form.

  • Blank Claim Information Form: Print this form and give it to new providers who don't have any enrolled children. 
  • Claim Information Form (CIF): This report includes all children who were enrolled for at least one day in the effective claim month on the report. For more information, see Claim Information Form.
  • Daily Meal Worksheet: This is a copy of the worksheet providers print in KidKare.
  • Full Month Attendance Worksheet: This is a sample worksheet you could use for providers who do not use KidKare or scannable forms. Once providers complete this worksheet, use the Record Full Month Attendance by Meal function to enter this attendance data.
  • Manual Claim Cover Sheet: This is a single-page version of the Manual Claim Processing Worksheet (see below).
  • Manual Claim Processing Worksheet: The Manual Claim Processing Worksheet provides your claim reviewers and menu readers with everything they need to manually process a provider's claim. For more information, see Manual Claim Processing Worksheet & Manual Claim Cover Sheet.
  • Weekly Attendance Worksheet: This is the same report providers print in KidKare. It allows providers to take attendance on paper.