Understand Provider Training Structure

Most sponsoring agencies must keep track of a provider's training history. Some agencies may even offer copious amounts of such training. Minute Menu HX allows you to track and store three levels of training information:

  1. Training Types: These are broad categories into which all training falls. All training that you store are assigned to a particular training type. You can also generate reports based off of these types. The following are examples of training types you could create:
    • Annual Training
    • Paperwork Training
    • Regulatory Training
    • Nutrition Education
    • Health & Safety
  2. Training Sessions: All recorded training is associated with a training session. Generally, there are only two ways these sessions are noted:
    • Group Training: These are usually training sessions that are offered to multiple providers. If you track group training sessions, you can set up a single training session and then note that several providers are attending it.
    • One-On-One Training: These are typically offered to a single provider during a home visit. If you are tracking one-on-one training during home reviews, the training session is the review itself.
  3. Provider Training: At the most basic level, you can note which providers were given training with any review or training session. These compose the provider's training history.

Before you can begin recording provider training, you must first create training types. See Set Up Training Types for more information.