List Reviews

The List Reviews window lists all validated reviews in your system. Note that Pending and Rejected reviews are not included in this window.

  1. Click the Providers menu and select Provider Reviews. The List Reviews window opens.
  2. Set filters, as needed.
    • Filter By: Select Selected Provider or All Providers. If you choose Selected Provider, click the Provider drop-down menu and select the provider to view.
    • Filter Reviews By: Select the date range for which to view reviews: Last 12 Months, Current Fiscal Year, or All Years.
    • Search for Reviews Where: Click this link to use additional search options, such as Monitor, Review Class, Meal, and so on. Click  to clear the values you entered in these boxes.
  3. Click Refresh List. Reviews meeting the limits you set display.

    Note: You can also access the List Reviews window from the Provider Information window. To do so, click Reviews (to the right). The List Reviews window opens and displays reviews for the provider.
  4. Click each column to sort the displayed information in ascending or descending order.
  5. Click View next to a review to view the review details. When finished, click Close.
  6. Click the monitor's initials in the Monitor column to view monitor information. You can update the information in this window, if needed. Click Save to save your changes. Click Close to close this window.
  7. You can also do the following in this window:
    • Delete: Click Delete next to a review to remove it from the provider's record. Respond to the confirmation prompt.
    • Add: Click Add next to a provider to add a review for that provider. This option is only available if you filtered to All Providers in Step 2.
    • DIS CAL/Dis Cal: Click DIS CAL/Dis Cal next to a review to open the Review Disallow Calendar for that review. If this button is labeled in all caps, disallowance calendar information has been entered for that review. If it is in lower case, no meals have been disallowed on the Review Disallow Calendar for that review.
    •  Click Add Review to add a review for an individual provider. This button is only available if you filtered to a singe provider in Step 2.