Schedule Provider Reviews

Minute Menu HX stores a next review required date for each of your providers. This is the date by which the next regularly schedule review should occur. This information is stored in the Next Review Rq box in the Provider Information Other tab.

Each time you add a review (no matter the method you use), the system automatically calculates the provider's next review required date. This determination is made based on the type of review conducted and the review frequency required by your state. For example, if you conduct four (4) reviews per-year, the next review required date will be set to three (3) months after your current review. If you conduct three (3) reviews per-year, the next review required date is set to four (4) months after the date of the current review. 

There are a few exceptions to this schedule:

  • If you record a Pre-Approval Review, the next review date is automatically scheduled for 30 days from the date of the Pre-Approval Review.
  • If you conduct a review and no one is home, the next review date is a follow-up scheduled for 15 days after the first review date.
  • If you indicate that a follow-up review is required for the review, the next review is scheduled for 15 days after the initial review date.

If your agency performs visits to providers each year as part of an annual provider renewal process, you may have enabled the Current CACFP Expiration Date field in the Provider Information General tab.

You can configure Minute Menu HX so this date takes precedence when scheduling upcoming reviews. This means that the next review due date is either earlier than the CACFP expiration date or the next review date that would have otherwise been scheduled. You can change this setting in the Sponsor Preferences window. For more information about setting preferences, see Set Preferences.

Note: If you add a review in Minute Menu HX and note that the review type is a Special/Evaluation visit instead of a normal/follow-up review, that review does not affect the provider's next review date. This allows you to ad a record for a home visit, even though you may not want to change the currently scheduled visit date for that provider.