Add an Individual Provider Training

If you gave a provider one-on-one training, you do not need to create a training session independently. Instead, you can create the training session as you record the first provider training.

  1. Click the Tools menu and select Provider Training. The List Provider Training window opens.
  2. Click the Select Provider drop-down menu and select the provider you are training.
  3. Click Add Training. The Add New Training Session for Provider window opens.
  4. Click Add New Training Session to add a training session for the provider.
    Note: If you have already recorded the training session you are adding, click the Choose a Training Session This Provider Attended drop-down menu and select the training session. You can use the Select Training Type to Filter Training Sessions drop-down menu to limit the options in the Choose a Training Session This Provider Attended.
  5. Click the Session Name box and enter a name for this training session. You should give each training session a name so you can identify it later. It should indicate the general topic/theme of the training, and maybe a location.
  6. Click the Date box and enter the date on which the training was performed.
  7. Click the Type drop-down menu and select the training type. You must set up training types to populate this menu. For more information, see Set Up Training Types.
  8. Click the Start Time and End Time boxes and enter the start and end times for this training. The Total Hours box automatically calculates the total training time.
  9. Click the Trainer box and enter the name of the person who conducted the training.
  10. Click the Location box and enter the location where the session was held.
  11. Click the Comments box and record any general comments about the training.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Click OK at the confirmation prompt.
  14. Click Close.