Print the Non-Claim Payment Adjustments Report

The Non-Claim Payment Adjustments report provides a list of all non-claim payment adjustments you have entered.

  1. Click the Reports menu, select Payments, and click Non-Claim Payment Adjustments Report. The Select Provider dialog box opens.
  2. In the Filter By section, select Selected Provider or Multiple Providers.
    • If you select Selected Providers, click the Provider drop-down menu and select the provider for whom to print the report.
    • If you select Multiple Providers, click Continue. The Provider Filter window opens. Set filters, as needed. Continue to Step 3.
  3. Click Continue. The Select Dates dialog box opens.
  4. Click the Starting Date and Ending Date boxes and enter a date range for this report. 
  5. Click Continue.
    • If you are printing this report for a single provider, the Adjusted Payments Report dialog box opens. Go to Step 8.
    • If you a re printing this report for multiple providers, the Nested Sort Order dialog box opens.
  6. Click the First Sort By and the And Then By drop-down menus and select the primary and secondary sorts for the report.
  7. Click Continue. The Adjusted Payments Report dialog box opens.
  8. Select All, Paid, or Not Paid.
  9. Click Continue. The report (PDF) is generated.