December 2021

December 23, 2021

UPDATED: We have optimized the Full Month Attendance by Meal window to enhance performance.
UPDATED: We have added a sponsor staff permission that allows users to enable certain staff to view and manage passwords.
UPDATED: We have moved the Require Child Race and Require Child Ethnicity permissions to the G.Child Info section in the Sponsor Preferences window. These were previously located under the T. Scanning Preferences section. For more information about setting and managing preferences, see Set Preferences.
UPDATED: We have updated the Notice to Provider of Tier Determination form (TX-H1659) to the latest version.
FIXED: In some cases, when a sponsor enters attendance records for a provider in the Full Month Attendance window children from another provider are added to this window.
FIXED: The North Carolina 5 Day Attendance report is using the first child's name as the provider's name.
FIXED: Holidays added to the Holidays and School Vacations calendar do not display after saving.