Add Providers in KidKare

You can add providers to your sponsorship via KidKare—without having to log in to Minute Menu HX. This allows you to quickly add providers from any Internet-connected device, such as your phone or tablet. Note that you must access HX later to complete provider details. See Enroll Providers for more information.

  1. Log in to Use the same credentials you use to access Minute Menu HX.
  2. From the Observer Mode page, click Add Provider. The Add Provider page opens.
  3. Click the First Name and Last Name boxes and enter the provider's first and last name. This information is required.
  4. Click the Email box and enter the provider's email address. This box is optional, but we recommend that you provide an email address.
  5. Set a password for this provider in the Password box. A random password is generated for you when you access this page, but you can either manually input a password, or you can click Suggest to generate a different random password.
  6. Click the Provider ID box and enter a number for this provider, or click Suggest to generate the next available provider ID (in sequence). See Understand Provider IDs for more information about provider IDs.
  7. Click the State drop-down and select the state in which the provider operates. This menu defaults to your state.
  8. Click Add Provider. The provider is saved and can access KidKare.